DJ Corner | Trading Vows anyone?

Have you ever been presented with the question of “If you could have lunch/dinner with ANYONE, living or dead, who would it be?” This is always a common essay question or a personality quiz question that I’m sure you’ve had to contemplate at least once in your life. It’s a pretty loaded question for sure, but I definitely think Sir Mix-A-Lot would be in the top 10.

Trading Vows anyone Why Sir Mix-A-Lot? I can picture it now…we’d be sitting at a nice casual diner of some sort and I’d say “Sir, (cause we’re totally on a first name basis) I’m a DJ and I play your big hit song “Baby Got Back” quite often. The thing is, everytime someone comes up to request it, they simply call it “Big Butts”. If you could go back in time, do you think you would have just called it “Big Butts”? The answer would probably be a resounding “No”, but that’s beside the point.

It got me thinking: It’s funny how different songs take on lives of their own. Whether a song is commonly known by another name because of a great hook, (“I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie…”) or the artist’s meaning behind the song means something totally different to the listener (Green Day’s “Good Riddance” is commonly known as “Time Of Your Life” and is actually a story about a relationship ending badly; but it was TOTALLY everyone’s graduation song in 1997 and beyond) or the listener just keys in on the song’s feeling rather than the message (Brad Paisley’s “Whiskey Lullaby” is actually a VERY sad story about heartbreak and death, but it’s hauntingly beautiful and a common wedding playlist request.) But that is the great thing about music, the artist has the freedom to create and the listener has the freedom to interpret. So keep on requesting “Big Butts”, we know what you mean! 😉Trading Vows anyone

Now onto some recent celebrations. I gotta tell you about Nora and Andy’s ceremony and reception at the Van Deusen Mansion in south Minneapolis. Holy cow, WHAT a venue! I was privileged to help with their ceremony as well as their dinner and dance along with the help of the Van Deusen staff and Lori Snyder and her staff at Evolution Events. Unlike a typical reception with an on-site ceremony, where a single space gets utilized for everything, Nora and Andy’s day moved all around the property. Ceremony in the courtyard, to cocktails on the front terrace, to dinner in the event center, back to the courtyard for cocktails and desert, then into the carriage house for the dance. The two story carraige house has an upstairs lounge that completely overlooks the dance floor below. It really kind of looked like a mini nightclub! Of course everyone had a great time, Trading Vows anyonebut here’s the really cool part about the whole day; Nora and Andy pulled off this absolutely INCREDIBLE day by bartering. That’s right, everything they had for they wedding they recieved by trading through Andy’s company Boomerang. You can learn more about their journey and how they did it by visiting It just goes to show what you can accomplish for a wedding without breaking the bank! I don’t know what Adagio is getting in exchange for our services, but I’m hoping the package includes a pony. My daughter really wants a pony.  Friday was also Andy’s birthday, so happy birthday to him and congratulations to Nora and Andy!

I wrapped up the weekend with Sarah and Michael at Mississippi National Golf Links in Red Wing. I would like to think that I have seen everything in my seven years with Adagio, but Sarah and Michael provided a first for me; as I got to witness Michael’s 100 YEAR OLD grandmother get up (with some assistance) and do the twist. All of our clients recieve a DJ evaluation after their event, and one of the questions is “Did guests of all ages dance?” Hee hee, CHECK! Congratulations to Sarah and Michael as well, we here at Adagio wish you all the best.

That’s all for me for now, thanks as always for reading!

–DJ Big Butts

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