DJ Corner | Flash Mobbin’ with DJ Tommy

Hello Adagio fans! DJ Tommy here with my first foray into the blogosphere.

First off, I am considering a new DJ name inspired by a couple I worked with a couple of weeks ago. Jessica and Joe had a great reception at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center. They didn’t realize it when they made up their place cards for dinner, but they made a very fitting DJ name for me with mine. It simply said “Tommy-DJ Beef”. DJ BEEF?!?!?! That is BEYOND awesome! Everywhere you hear about DJs, they all have cool, funky names like “DJ Mixmasta Q” or “DJ Fastscratch 2001”. That’s not me at all. DJ Beef. Why beef? Ask any chef; there are a TON of ways you can prepare beef. You can grill it, broil it, roast it, chop it, slice it, dice it, grind it up…..that’s me as a DJ: VERSATILE! I can turn an event into anything you want me to, just tell me how to prepare myself! That’s why I like DJ BEEF. Although, I guess I can see problems arising from such a nickname. Perhaps if I have a consultation with a vegetarian couple? Hmmmmm…….better stick with Tommy.

Flash Mobbin’ with DJ Tommy Anyway, I would like to write about the event I DJ’d on September 10th for Stacie and Chris at Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury. First of all, I can’t recommend the services at Prestwick enough. The staff does an absolutely dynamite job and has a top notch staff. A key component to making a reception a success is a banquet facility that keeps things on time and flowing. I’ve worked at Prestwick many, many times and have never seen Traci and her staff come up short; and with the in-house catering done by Axel’s Charhouse, you know the food will be fantastic! (And in case you’re wondering, yes, I had the beef.)

Stacie certainly knew the great job that Prestwick would do since she herself is a part of Traci’s staff. Stacie and I had met many times with my various appearances at Prestwick while she was doing her job serving guests, clearing tables, and keeping water glasses full. But it was her day, so Traci and the service staff said congratulations to their friend and co-worker the only way they knew how: FLASH MOB.

Flash Mobbin’ with DJ Tommy

The entire staff (along with three bridesmaids, who are also Prestwick banquet staff) had an entire choreographed routine worked out, all I had to do was press play. After all of the salads were served, the staff was wandering about, as if they were checking on the needs of guests. Then Traci gave me the signal, and I switched the light jazz dinner music into “I Gotta Feeliing” by Black Eyed Peas. The staff immediately switched from serving mode into full on dance mode in perfect unison that would likely impress Usher.

In a twist that even surprised me, right after the part of that song where the chorus is really mellow, where the beat kicks in again to the chants of “HERE WE GO! HERE WE GO!…” EVERYONE that was working that night in the ENTIRE BUILDING rushed in an a pumped up conga-like fashion. There were servers and bartenders from the adjoining Axel’s restaurant, chefs, cooks, dishwashers…I think I even saw a UPS guy who was dropping off a package…EVERYONE was out around the tables dancing. I had lights blazing, music pumping, and the thought going through my head of “is there a restaurant full of people over there and NOBODY working?” I digress. The song concluded with the whole staff lined up in front of the head table holding up signs to Stacie and Chris, offering their congratulations. Then, in true flash mob fashion, it quickly dissipated as if nothing happened.

Flash Mobbin’ with DJ Tommy

The remainder of the night was great, with people of all ages dancing and having a great time. The groomsmen even serenaded Stacie’s mom while everyone danced to Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”. Different spellings of the name “Stacy”, I know, but who’s counting? I mixed a playlist of current dance music, hip hop, and rock, with a few special 80’s and 90’s requests. It was a fantastic reception, and I hope to do it all again for Stacie’s bridesmaid Jolynn next June!

-DJ Beef, I mean TOMMY, DJ Tommy

Photos c/o Donae Cotton Photography

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