Do I Need a Wedding DJ?

Do I Need a Wedding DJ?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with all the details that make the perfect day. Between flowers, attire, catering, and decor, music can fall on the back burner of the wedding to-do list. Wanting to cut unnecessary costs is understandable. It’s important to consider the guest list size and venue style, but there are other factors to consider as well. Many ask the question, “Do I need a wedding DJ?” We’ll be answering the question below to help you see that more goes into the job of a DJ than just pressing play, especially here at Adagio Djay Entertainment.

More than a playlist

Many are surprised when they find out everything about being a DJ. At Adagio Djay Entertainment, our new recruits undergo extensive training to prepare them for their first gig. They are briefed on the Adagio brand of high-class excellence, and they also receive hours of training on the equipment, DJ software, and standard sequence of events for weddings. Here are the responsibilities our DJs carry out:

DJ Responsibilities

  • Provides audio equipment
    • When you choose Adagio Djay Entertainment, you’ll be receiving a standard DJ system with two speakers, a cordless microphone, lights, and a DJ sound table. We can also provide a portable speaker for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hours if needed.
  • Troubleshooting technical difficulties
    • Adagio DJs have been tested on their knowledge of the equipment. They receive hours of training on troubleshooting techniques for when they encounter unforeseen issues with the sound system or venue layout.
  • Assists with music selection
    • While you probably have a good idea of the kinds of songs you want to be played at your wedding, a DJ can help bring your ideas to life and add songs that will complement your preferences. When the dance starts, the DJ will also be able to read the room and know what songs to play to keep the party going strong.
  • Emcee for your event
    • DJs with Adagio Djay Entertainment are well versed with each couple’s timeline. Making various small announcements can help move the day along and help the guests know what’s happening next.
  • Coordinates with the other vendors (event planner, venue manager, catering, etc.)
    • A quality DJ introduces themselves to the different vendors at each event. They work with the other vendors as a team to make your wedding runs smoothly. Having seasoned professionals on your team is a great way to relieve stress.

Other Options

While there are other options to having a wedding DJ, some risks are involved. For example, having a friend run the Spotify playlist will not ensure that you’ll have someone who’ll knows how to troubleshoot technical issues if problems arise. On the other hand, going with a professional will give you peace of mind. And isn’t that what you’re looking for when planning your wedding?

Conclusion to Do I Need a Wedding DJ?

At Adagio DJ Entertainment, we strive to not only help you celebrate with flair but let you know that we’ve your back (musically speaking). We want to highlight you with the songs you love. So do you need a wedding DJ? Maybe you want a simplified wedding. Perhaps you’re still figuring out what your dream day is. Whatever you decide, remember it will be a day that beautifully reflects you and your love.

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