Happy Wife, Happy Life: Tips to a Successful Marriage

Successful Marriage

Here at Adagio, we not only want you to have the best wedding but a great marriage after you do get married. I hope you will consider and apply these 3 tips to your relationship.

  1. Being a Great Listener – This is one of the best skills and habits you can do within your relationship to build trust and love. It’s an acquired skill. Here are three tips to make you a better listener.
    1. Choose to be Interested – The key is to focus your attention away from yourself and on to your partner. Be interested in your partner’s interests.
    2. The Goal is to Understand – You always want to try to understand what your partner is communicating while being nonjudgmental. The best way to achieve this is through open ended questions that will help you dig deeper
    3. Repeat – This simple act of reiterating what your partner has told you shows them that you are empathetic to what they are communicating.

Great listening leads to intimate conversations, go give it a try!

  1. Catch Your Partner Doing Something Right – It’s all about your perspective and what you see in your partner.
    1. The Small Things – Look for the little things that your partner does right. If you’re focused on finding them you surely will. Unfortunately, the same goes for the negative. If you have a negative mindset, then you’ll “nit-pick” your partner and find the negative things because you’re looking for them (sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously).
    2. Avoid Contempt – Contempt can be a sneaky emotion that can squeak in and emotionally degrade your relationship. As both of you create and fill your positive emotion bank account, the more you will be emotionally “in-touch” with each other. A healthy positive balance within this emotional bank will help you avoid contempt and division for the times when you do have a difference of opinion or argument with your partner.

Today try telling your partner one thing you admire about them!

  1. The Six Second Kiss – Research shows that couples who share a kiss of six seconds or longer everyday build more physical intimacy and romance.
    1. But How? – You may be wondering how this “six-second kiss” helps. Well, it has to do with the chemicals in your brain. A long kiss (long enough to feel romantic) releases oxytocin, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These chemicals help reduce stress hormones, lower your blood pressure, and send oxygenated blood to your brain.
    2. Consistency – We recommend sharing a kiss like this at least once every day. But why? Well, it’s not about the things you do just once, it’s about the things you do every day. It’s an easy thing to do every day, right? Unfortunately, it’s also an easy thing not to do every day as well. These little things add up every day and compound over time. Use this to build a healthy and thriving relationship.

Today, give your partner that long deserved smooch!

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