How to Have Your Dog in Your Wedding

Weddings are known for being one of the few times that friends, family, and loved ones are all in one place brought together to celebrate the couple and the love they share.

There is a place for almost everyone. The bridal party is full of friends, siblings, or cousins, the parents or parent figures are there to give their blessings, and the younger generation can be the ring bearer or flower girl.

With a place for almost everyone, many couples are left wondering how to include a family member that is close to their hearts, their dogs.

As wo/man’s best friend, many couples view their pets as their first child, maybe even the only child they plan on having. Past generations usually waited until they were married, the first house bought, and perhaps even had children already in the mix before bringing a puppy home. Those traditions are fading as furbabies and fur-parents are on the rise. It is also pretty common to see Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day wishes given to dog owners without human children!

Luckily, Adagio DJ Entertainment has seen hundreds of weddings over nearly three decades in the industry. There is a multitude of ways that Adagio’s DJs have seen furbabies involved in the festivities, with these suggestions you are sure to find just the right way to include your pup in your special day.

Dog Wedding

Ring Bearer or Flower Girl

One of the most popular ways to include a pet is as the wedding ring bearer or flower girl. Adagio has found that the smoothest way to integrate your pooch in this way is to have a groomsman, bridesmaid, or other loved one to serve as your dog handler.

You can dress your pup up with a unique collar, leash, sign, or even a small doggie pillow. Make sure to give the handler a baggie of treats or a clicker, depending on the dogs training, to make sure they are focused and well behaved. An older dog pulled in a wagon or cart is a sweet way to make sure your senior dogs are there for the big day.

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As tempting as it may be, do not attach your real rings to your dog. Give them to the person walking the dog down the aisle or have them with the best man or maid of honor. As well trained as your furry family member may be, they are still unpredictable.

Dog Wedding


If your dog is unruly or nervous around large crowds, ask your photographer to designate a few minutes to take some photos with you two and the pooch. We suggest having an arsenal of toys and treats ready to coax your pup to look at the camera and encourage good behavior.

Even though the dog is not walking down the aisle, it is still a good idea to have someone assigned to watch over them. You do not want to have to be dodging muddy paws, going on potty breaks, or getting slobbery kisses all morning. This person can also run the pooch home after the photos, which is excellent if you will not have time to puppy-sit them all night.

Dog Wedding

Getting Ready

If the thought of having your dog walk down the aisle causes visions of barking, leash pulling, peeing at the altar, or worse, nipping at someone out of stress or fear, consider including them in the morning activities.

Your best friend can hang out with the bridal party or the groomsmen and enjoy belly rubs, treats, and having one last snuggle before their parents tie the knot. If you have an outdoor or rustic wedding, your dog can spend some time outdoors and burn some energy.

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Make sure to have a kennel onsite or have a designated dog chaperone to bring them somewhere safe before the ceremony. Depending on your dog’s temperament, make sure there is a quiet space, like a kennel or a private room, where your pup can decompress if overstimulated is also a good idea.

General Tips

Dog Wedding

If you are hoping to have a wedding dog for your big day, keep in mind some essential tips.

  • Always double check that anywhere you plan on having your pooch is dog-friendly
  • Have one designated dog watcher that will be there for the whole day but does not have a lot of other scheduled responsibilities (usher, aunt/uncle, or personal attendant).
  • Bring lots of toys, treats, extra water, and food bowls.
  • Have towels on hand for slobbery mouths and muddy paws.
  • Be honest with your dog’s capabilities, an untrained or rambunctious dog may be cute in your backyard but not so much in your ceremony.

Do not let the excitement of the day cause you to forget that you are a responsible pet owner, do not put your dog in a position that may make them scared or defensive. Even the most well-behaved dog could injure someone or themselves if pushed too far.

Who Let The Dogs Out

Your special day might feel incomplete without the addition of your furbaby, the professionals at Adagio DJ Entertainment understand. As dog lovers and firm believers in facilitating a day as special and unique as your relationship, we love seeing four-legged family members included.

There are so many different ways to include your dog in your wedding, among them is a perfect way for every couple and every pup.

Once you are sure every loved one from human to canine has a special place, give Adagio DJ Entertainment a call. We are not afraid to answer the classic question, “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

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