How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique: Part 1

How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique: Part 1

There’s no “one size fits all” for weddings. And there shouldn’t be for your DJ experience either. Every couple has their own personality, quirks, and flair. Adagio Djay Entertainment tailors its services to the unique needs of each couple. This blog post will be the first in a two-part series walking you through different ways you can bring your own twist to some wedding traditions. For part 1, we’ll be talking about the grand march and the dance floor. Then, we’ll look back to some of the recent weddings Adagio Djay Entertainment has had the honor of working on this past year as examples.

The Grand March 

The grand march is where couples can really show off their personality, from an elegant and boisterous affair to a casual and low-key debut. Your first entrance as a newly married couple can be whatever you want. It really can! When going over the final details a couple of weeks before your wedding, couples can talk with our DJs about such specifics.

For example, during a phone consultation with one of our DJs, a groom once said, “So, my spirit animal is a sports announcer.” He then explained that he was hoping to announce the people in the bridal party one at a time while hidden from view. After the bridal party had taken their seats, the DJ would then announce the bride and groom using their best sports announcer voice. So we figured out the logistics of using two cordless mics and different songs to play.

Can doing something so unique and detailed cause the adrenaline to rise? For sure! But it was mainly exciting to pull off one memorable grand march for all to remember. People forget that each aspect of the wedding is an excellent opportunity to be remarkable. We at Adagio Djay Entertainment still bring up that grand march in conversation today.

Make the Dance Floor Yours

Did you know that dancing at your reception and dance floor can be the most unique aspect of your wedding? Is your crowd into punk rock or top 40? Do you want to be 2-stepping most of the night or groove to classic hits? Or do you want a little bit of everything? It’s up to you!

This past November, Adagio Djay Entertainment worked a wedding at a warehouse in the north loop of Minneapolis. We had a feeling things were going to be different when the groom rolled up to the venue in a souped-up Harley Davidson, dawning a leather jacket over his tux. That same rock and roll attitude was 100% reflected on the dance floor. With 80s rock and roll being a favorite of the groom and his friends, the DJ made sure they had their time to shine. The number of air guitars and high kicks on the dance floor was incredible! 

There was another wedding where the groom was from Nepal. During a phone call going over the final details, the couple requested a couple of Bollywood songs to be mixed in during the night. Our Adagio DJ had fun figuring out the perfect mix of classic dance songs and Bollywood hits to make sure everyone had fun on the dance floor. It was delightful to see the faces of friends and family who had traveled overseas for the wedding light up as they heard some of their favorites from home. 

Conclusion to How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique: Part 1

Hopefully, the examples provided above shed light on how to make different aspects of wedding planning uniquely yours. Adagio Djay Entertainment has seen couples take typical wedding traditions, such as the grand march, and make them their own. It’s also our great honor to be part of the celebration on the dance floor and make sure everyone has time to shine and enjoy themselves. We remember whose day it is and want to make it the best one yet!

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