Kids at a Wedding

Kids at a Wedding

In the following article, we are going to answer one of the most asked questions. Should I invite children to my wedding? If you come to the answer of no there is not much else to go over, however, should you decide you want to invite kids we will give you a few tips on how to handle that well.

First off, don’t feel like you have to invite children just because your guests have them. They are more than capable of finding a babysitter or family member to watch the kids while they go to your wedding. Usually, you have on one side, people who think including children at their wedding adds an unforgettable element to it. On the other side, you typically have people who think that kids are going to end up causing more trouble than anything. They see the possibility of them crying, screaming and otherwise disrupting not only the parents but other guests as well. Here is a quick list of some of the pros and cons of having children at your wedding. We hope this will help you and your partner decide what’s best for your wedding.


  • You can have a flower girl and ring bearer that our children
  • Children can help “loosen up” your guests for the dance since they are typically some of the first to dance and simply they don’t hold back
  • You won’t be asking your guests to find a babysitter
  • Children can add a special element to the overall wedding experience, photos, and more


  • They could be disruptive during the ceremony or reception
  • You will likely have the extra cost and work of making a kids table and include kids meals
  • The parents of the kids will likely drink/party less if they must watch over their kids
  • Guests with kids will likely have to leave earlier

Now, if you decide not to have kids at your wedding the rest is pretty simple. You just continue to plan like you are. However, if you are leaning more on the side of having kids at your wedding then we have a few tips that may help you. Consider bringing games or entertainment to help keep the kids occupied. These games could really be anything you wanted. For the older kids, they love things like giant Jenga, bean bags and ladder golf if you have a venue with outdoor space. If you only have indoor space then board games, cards and often selfie-sticks or a photo booth will help keep them entertained. For younger kids, crayons and colored pencils with coloring books are always a hit. Another thing that has been successful is including a movie on a projector or TV off to the side of your venue if it is large enough. Usually, they don’t start the movie until later after dinner. It all really depends on your venue and your preferences but with a little creativity, there is surely a way to make it fun for all children! We hope some of these ideas will help you come up with the perfect situation for your wedding!

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