Planning Your Wedding In A Tech-Filled World

Planning Your Wedding In A Tech-Filled World

The world has changed a lot since our society developed many of our wedding traditions and protocols. Changes in technology and communication have made many aspects of wedding planning easier, but have also created confusion surrounding etiquette. Whether or not you can do an online RSVP for weddings is an example of one common question.

At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we have everything you need to ensure your wedding is exactly what you have been planning on. Plus, we will help you every step of the way.

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Begin with the Basics: Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are a mainstay of 21st-century weddings. These sites can be a fun way for couples to share their story while also sharing important information with guests. A wedding website can serve as a central hub for information about the reception and ceremony venues.

An additional feature on a wedding website could be short bios on the wedding party. An itinerary for the wedding might be a good idea: details about the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, or brunch information. Out-of-town guests may appreciate a list of attractions and activities in the area.

Wedding websites often offer couples the option to include an RSVP feature. This approach may come in handy for certain situations, such as helping couples get a head-count for the rehearsal dinner. Whether a couple wants to have guests complete an online RSVP for wedding-related events is up to them. 

If a wedding is very informal, couples may decide to simplify the wedding planning process as much as possible. In these instances, they might tell guests to RSVP for the wedding and reception online.

When an engaged couple opt for an online RSVP for their wedding, they should try to use a wedding website. A wedding website with an RSVP feature will help couples stay organized and keep track of who plans to attend.

Social Media as a Help and a Hindrance to Wedding Planning

Wedding websites predate many current social media platforms. Today, social media creates many more opportunities and challenges for engaged couples beyond the wedding website.

One of the fun parts about planning a wedding in today’s social media environment is the wedding hashtag. Many couples share a clever or funny hashtag with their guests for them to use on their social media accounts. The wedding hashtag allows couples to keep track of all of the posts about their engagement and wedding.

Couples can go back after the big day and see all of the pictures their friends and families posted. The wedding hashtag is an excellent way for newlyweds to share in the moments they missed on their big day. Think of it as the 21st century version of putting a disposable camera at each table. 

When planning a wedding hashtag, couples should try to find something unique to them. They can think about their story, the ceremony location or where they met to come up with something original. It doesn’t hurt if the couple have names that they can turn into one word or some kind of pun.

Some couples decide to bring traditional wedding videography into the 21st century and livestream their weddings on social media. Check some graphic design platforms to see what personalization options you can leverage (i.e. personalized geofilters on SnapChat). 

On the other hand, some couples may want a total tech embargo on their wedding. Social media blackouts aren’t just for celebrity weddings. Couples who want an intimate, intentional experience for themselves and their guests might prefer this route.

Couples can post a friendly sign graciously requesting guests to put their phones away, or they can get creative. One way to enforce a tech embargo is to have a phone check area, similar to a coat check. Guests stow their phones away and receive a number so that they can retrieve their phones as they need them.

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Online Gift Registry

Sharing wedding information online, whether it’s on social media or a website, is helpful. If you create a shower registry, sharing the URL is an easy way to get the word out. Maids of honor and family members can share online gift registry information with friends and on shower invitations.

Many stores offer online wedding registries. If couples want to register at more than one store, it may get unwieldy sharing the links to multiple registries. Consider a universal online registry, which allows couples to list items from various stores and retailers.

Tux and Dress Rental Made Easy

Sites and apps like Rent the Runway and Menguin allow men and women to rent formal (and informal) wear. Many such rental sites offer a range of prices and degrees of formality. 

Online rentals can make a potentially stressful part of wedding planning less time-consuming. Couples should still do their homework on this commodity, however. Check these sites’ return policies and read reviews from previous users before selecting a rental site.

Brainstorm and Prepare

Sites like Pinterest can be helpful to get ideas for a perfect, personalized wedding. Couples can share a wedding Pinterest board with a wedding planner to point them in the right direction. 

Many brides and grooms want to look their best on the most photographed day of their life. To get fit for their wedding, couples should consider fitness apps and trackers. Couples can make fitness a fun bonding experience: many fitness apps offer competition features where users can challenge each other.

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Technology Lets Couples Do More Than Track RSVPs for Weddings

Weddings today are more personalized than ever. Adagio Djay Entertainment can help you plan your 21st century wedding. The range of ideas and services that couples can find online are exciting, and make wedding planning fun. On the other hand, couples can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the choices and ideas they find online.

Let Adagio Djay Entertainment take away some of the confusion and stress that can come with planning your wedding. You want an experienced vendor you can trust to make your wedding day flawless. Contact us for a quote on our services: djs, dance instruction, invitations, videography, mood lighting, ceremony packages, and live music.

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