Pros and Cons of Live Music at Your Wedding and Reception

Pros and Cons of Live Music at Your Wedding and Reception

If you’re planning a wedding reception, you’re looking for songs to pack the dance floor. No couple wants to hire someone to play music for their reception and to see an empty floor. When researching wedding music options, some couples opt for live music, either during the ceremony or at the reception.

Whether or not you choose live music, crafting an incredible playlist is essential. Check out our tips for creating a playlist here.

At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we aim to make your day memorable and everything you desire. Whether you want help with music or any of the other services we offer, we can help. Here are five live wedding music tips that will help you decide whether live music is right for your day.

wedding guests dancing

Wedding Music Tip 1: Know What You’re Getting Into

Unlike your relationship, when you engage live music for your wedding, it’s complicated. Now, just because an idea has a lot of considerations, it doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. You will be glad you did your background research before you start calling musicians to check availability.

Start with a survey of your venue: is it inside or outside? Is it large or small? What are the acoustics like?

These logistical things can make a big difference. Musicians often come with equipment, which they need to plug in somewhere. Speakers and instruments can be bulky, and you want to pack the dance floor with guests, not electronics.

This takes us to our next wedding music tip.

band at wedding

Wedding Music Tip 2: Inside or Outside?

Let’s say you’ve planned the outdoor wedding of your dreams. The only thing left to plan is the music, and you envision a band playing music under the stars. Depending on the climate and electricity, you may find yourself working within specific parameters.

If your outdoor venue doesn’t have any place for musicians to plug in their equipment, look into portable generators. Depending on the kind of music you want, the musicians may not need equipment, since some instruments’ sound carries well.

Other instruments may not fare well outside, either for acoustic reasons or because the climate isn’t good for them. Some musicians may simply be unwilling to subject their instruments to the elements. 

There are other logistical things to consider for an outdoor venue, such as distance to parking

Couples can easily and understandably overlook this factor when they are looking at live music options. Does it take a long time to get to the beautiful forest clearing where you’re getting married? Distance will add to set-up and clean-up time for the musicians, which may have a ripple effect on other things.

The parking lot isn’t the only thing you need to think about when it comes to proximity. If you are going to have loud music playing outside, find out what nearby places may be impacted. The nursing home down the road may not appreciate an Aerosmith cover band blasting jams late at night.

Environmental conditions aren’t just crucial for outdoor weddings. Indoor wedding venues can also present challenges to sound quality, which may impact the live music options available to you.

If your venue has heavily carpeted surroundings with lots of plush furniture, those things absorb sound. Maybe you’re hosting your reception in a large, echoey place. As with an outdoor wedding, this can make a difference when it comes to the optimal kinds of instruments and music.

Do some research into what kind of music is best for the sound conditions produced by different surroundings. Save yourself and your musicians frustration when you are preparing in the lead up to the big day.

wedding guests dancing

Wedding Music Tip 3: Timing

Just because you are hiring live musicians, you don’t have to keep them around the whole time. You may only want live music at a specific point in the proceedings. 

Perhaps you would like a singer to perform a song special to you and your spouse during the ceremony. Maybe you only want gentle music during dinner, and then to have a djay play songs pack the dance floor. In that case, you have narrower considerations, but there are still factors you need to address.

For this wedding music tip, let’s look at the example of music during dinner. A string quartet or jazz trio can add to the ambiance of the meal.

For live dinner music, there are specific things you will need to talk over with the band or musicians. Sound should be near the top of the list of things to discuss with the musicians providing dinner tunes. Nobody wants to irritate grandma or upset parents of small children if guests can’t hear each other over the music. 

Sound is also a safety consideration since you don’t want to damage anyone’s hearing. Check to see if the music groups you interview can adjust noise levels on their instruments and equipment. Your guests may go from impressed to disgruntled if you hire musicians that can’t do this.

band at wedding

Wedding guests are enjoying some acoustic entertainment. There is a man playing guitar and a woman singing and everyone is watching and taking videos.

Wedding Music Tip 4: Safety

Safety may not seem like an intuitive wedding music tip, but it is essential. Sound is only one safety factor couples should take into account when planning for live musicians. 

Couples should discuss simple things like where the wires from electric instruments and sound equipment will be. You don’t want a band with songs to pack the dance floor, only for guests trip over power cords. This is another consideration that may add time to set-up and clean-up before and after your ceremony and reception.

You should check to see if the band, djay, or service providing your music offers lighting options. Try to avoid your guests dancing in the dark to “Dancing in the Dark,” if at all possible. Mood lighting may help prevent trips and spills while adding atmosphere to your event. 

bride and groom dancing


Wedding Music Tip 5: Let Adagio DJay Entertainment Help You

Enjoy your wedding and relax by engaging Adagio Djay Entertainment for your wedding music needs. Whether you want music just for your vows, dinner, or dancing, we can help. 

Are you interested in both a DJ and live music for your big day? Ask about our popular Jazz Trio/DJ Combo Package that allows you to have the best of both worlds. Contact Adagio Djay Entertainment today, and start planning a memorable celebration both for you and your guests!

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