The Do’s and Do Not’s for Your Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance

The big day is getting closer! You’ve chosen your wedding date, the venue, the color scheme, and maybe even the menu. You have the caterer, your officiant, and the bridal party all accounted for. Hopefully, you also have Adagio DJ Entertainment set to spin on the ones and twos at your reception.

A traditional wedding day usually starts with the ceremony, moves to a cocktail hour, and then transitions into the reception. The reception is when the atmosphere changes gears. During this time your guests enjoy their dinner, loved ones make speeches, the dance floor is open, and the party begins.

How do you transition from the ceremony to the reception? Usually, the bride and groom use the cocktail hour to take photos and then rejoin their guests for dinner, speeches, and dancing. Most couples have a grand entrance, also known as a grand march, to introduce themselves as the newly-wed couple, introduce their wedding party, and let their guests know that the party can begin.

Adagio DJ Entertainment has years of experience creating memorable weddings for their brides and grooms. Over the years, we have seen it all and compiled a list of do’s, do not’s, and helpful tips to make a breathtaking grand entrance your guests will remember..

Grand Entrance Must Do’s

Grand Entrance

First and foremost, have a professional announce you and your bridal party. Many couples want to have a friend or loved one announce the grand march, either to save costs or because they believe the loved one will bring a “personal touch” to the moment.

The cost of having a professional at your wedding is not as daunting as many think. Chances are, you will have either a DJ or a band at your reception to play music anyways. Give them a list of names and couples from the bridal party in the order that they will enter, and they can take it from there at no additional cost.

A non-professional may not have public speaking skills and, as witty and confident as they may be at the bar with your friends, it is a whole different story on a microphone in front of hundreds of people. Stage fright may set in, and the nerves may make them forget names or speak too fast. You want someone calm, confident, and experienced on the mic.

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Adagio’s professional DJs do this all the time. Our DJs know the proper speed to speak to avoid anyone feeling rushed or awkward lingering. They know how to get the attention of the room, and they know how to seamlessly usher everyone into the reception and transition to the next part of the evening. It’s not just announcing, it’s crowd management, and an experienced pro knows how to get it done.

Grand Entrance




Grand Entrance Do Not’s

As wedding DJs, music selection is close to our hearts. One thing that almost always disrupts the flow of your entrance is an overzealous playlist. Couples sometimes want to pick a particular song for each bridal party pair or let the wedding party pick a song for their entrance.

As creative and fun as a customized playlist may look on paper, it seldom plays out as you imagine. There usually is not enough time from when one couple enters to when the next couple is ready to go to cue up a new song. This extra time makes for awkward, disjointed pauses that are uncomfortable for your wedding party and leave your guests wondering what is going on.

Our expert DJs recommend choosing one or two upbeat and fun wedding introduction songs, depending on how large your wedding party is. Some couples choose one song for their wedding party and another for the newlyweds themselves.

Wedding introduction songs are a great way to let your guests know what kind of atmosphere to expect at the reception and showcase your musical tastes as a couple. If your guest list has a wide range of ages and backgrounds, chose a classic that everyone will recognize, such as “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang or “I Feel Good (I Got You)” by James Brown.

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When selecting songs, look for a fun and upbeat song, like “ME!” By Taylor Swift to get everyone in the mood for a party. “Marry Me,” by Bruno Mars is a classic wedding song that gets toes tapping. Do not be afraid to choose a country song, or hip-hop song if that fits you and your venue best.

Final Tips

Grand Entrance

To help your MC or DJ, make sure you have prepared a list of names and the order they will enter the room. It may also be helpful to have a phonetic spelling of each name to ensure the DJ pronounces everyone’s name right.

Make sure the song you chose is appropriate for all ages on your guest list! You do not want to be the one to expose your 5-year-old cousin to inappropriate words or themes. Keep in mind your audience may have children, grandparents, or conservative guests.

Last but not least, have Adagio DJ Entertainment do the honor of announcing you as a couple. Not only will they keep transitions flowing smoothly, but they can also expertly read the room throughout the night and create a beautiful musical complement your wedding reception.

Our DJs firmly believe that the focus should be on you and your guests. You will see that philosophy come to life, starting with your grand entrance and ending when the last song of the night trails off. Give us a call today to get on our schedule for your big day.

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