Tips For Your Outdoor Wedding

Tips For Your Outdoor Wedding

Spring is just around the corner, even if it may not feel like it, and us Minnesotans take every opportunity to enjoy our fleeting summer season. Many couples are looking to spring and summer weddings that embrace the warmer temperatures and the fresh air.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, especially in the spring, you have some additional challenges to consider. From unpredictable weather to dance floor logistics, from finding a beautiful yet flexible venue to making contingency plans, the list of things to consider is substantial. It can be daunting, but you can easily navigate the challenges with the right strategies and attention to detail.

Adagio DJ Entertainment has worked thousands of weddings in all kinds of situations. We have created a list of commonly overlooked details, outdoor wedding ideas, and words of wisdom that we have collected over our years of working in the wedding industry. They say experience is the best teacher, and we have that in spades!


Whatever the Weather

The first thing that comes to most couple’s minds when planning their outdoor wedding is the overhanging threat of spring showers or summer thunderstorms. Most people focus only on the risk of rain but do not realize that heat, bright sunshine, strong winds, and humidity need to be contended with as well.


Ensure that your venue has adequate backup options. Backup could mean a permanent building on the premises, or you may want to rent a temporary tent. Large scale tents are a great way to keep the outdoor feel intact but provide shelter to your bridal party, guests, and vendors. Rain tapping on the canvas while your guests dance the night away creates a cozy, romantic evening that everyone will talk about for years to come.

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Wind usually accompanies storms, so make sure your tents are appropriately strapped down, and the walls of the shelter do not flap around and hit your guests. Wind usually accompanies storms, so make sure your tents are well strapped down and the walls of the shelter do not flap around and hit your guests. If you’re planning a unity ceremony, avoid ones that the winds could ruin. Candles are hard to light and even more difficult to keep lit, even on a breezy day.


If you opt for a tent that is separate from the restroom, consider having umbrellas on hand to help keep your guests dry as they move between spaces to use the bathroom.

Rain does not spell disaster as long as you plan. Cover your bases and friends and family will rave about your once-in-a-lifetime night for years to come.


Does the forecast call for humidity? Humidity is something most people miss when planning an outdoor wedding. It does not seem as threatening as rain, but there are some issues that it could present.

First things first, hair. Talk to your hairstylist about ways to fight humidity and consider wearing an updo. Look into an anti-humidity hairspray. It is not a terrible idea to purchase a travel size for a purse or pocket so you can layer it on as the night progresses.

Dew-like condensation also can collect on the dance floor which can affect how much your guests want to dance. Most women will probably avoid slipping out of their heels so providing flip flops for them to change in to will keep them from sliding around, keep them dry, and encourage your guests to keep dancing.




As amazing as fresh air is, it’s not A/C. If the forecast predicts unusually hot or sunny temperatures, you will want to have fans and shelter available.

Don’t forget about the people helping you behind the scenes. Your DJ or band will need a place to get out of the sun and protect their equipment. Make sure you have space for them with adequate shelter, or you risk overheating and malfunctioning equipment.

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On the flip side, too cold is not ideal either. You may want to have heaters around for guests to relax near. Your reception might not have a packed dance floor if your guests are too chilled to bust a move. Some venues have a spot for a firepit but make sure they are okay with you lighting one. You could even include serving coffee or a late night hot cocoa bar to keep your guests toasty.

What About Power?

Weddings require a massive amount of electricity. Lighting, amplification, bar, photo booth, DJ or band, the caterers, and any fans or heaters you have all need power.


If you try to split limited outlets between them, you’ll flip breakers. Most outdoor venues have taken the necessary precautions, but if it’s a backyard wedding or if your site specifies that power is your responsibility, you may want to rent a generator.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Make sure to cover all of your bases. Without infrastructure to dictate where and how your venue is laid out, it leaves a lot of creative freedom in your hands. You get to decide where you want the tables, where you want the chairs, where the bar goes, and so on. That also means there may not be a pre-established, tried-and-true blueprint for your layout.



Look at the flow of your space. You’ll want the head table to be central, and you’ll need enough space between tables for guest or servers to navigate. The DJ booth or area for the band should have great sight lines to the dance floor to make sure they can read the room. They also need to be near power outlets and not blocking anything for your guests. It goes without saying how dangerous a full cocktail and a tight walkway could be for DJ equipment set up. You’ll need natural walkways to the bar, dance floor, and exits.

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Get The Experts Involved

You can simplify all of this even further by working with a venue that has done hundreds of outdoor weddings. For instance, one of our exclusive vendors, Camrose Hill Flower Farm, is a local venue that will help you successfully navigate all of the complications that an outdoor wedding might offer.




It is essential to surround yourself with an experienced team to help the night run as smoothly as possible. Ask your potential vendors if they have ever worked an outdoor wedding. Caterers, florists, bartenders, and wedding planners will all face challenges with an outdoor wedding, so it is vital that they know how to handle it.

Adagio has been a part of countless outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions. Our expert DJs are known for their ability to read the room and help keep guests entertained. Adagio also uses reliable, top-of-the-line equipment to dramatically reduce the risk of weather-related complications. We rely on years of experience, training, and skill to minimize the effects lousy weather could have on your event. Give Adagio DJ Entertainment a call today to see how we can help with your magical outdoor wedding.

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