Unique Shoe Game Questions to Ask at Your Wedding

Shoe Game Questions Your wedding is a memorable day, one of the most memorable days of your life. You have many choices to make your day even more special. From the people you invite to the songs you play, to the activities included, your wedding and reception should represent you and your partner.

A fun wedding reception idea that many people enjoy is the Shoe Game. If you’re looking for some hilarious ways to play this game at your wedding reception, we’ve compiled some tips from the many wedding receptions we’ve emceed. At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we can help you coordinate this game to make your wedding reception one to remember.

How to Play the Shoe Game

To play the Shoe Game, arrange two chairs back to back in an area with great visibility for your guests. A great place is in the middle of the dance floor or right at the head table. The bride and groom remove both their shoes and pass one to their new spouse so that they each have one of their own and one of their spouse’s shoes.

Shoe Game

The emcee, or someone chosen beforehand, poses a series of questions to the newlyweds that relate directly to the couple. The couple individually will answer by holding up the shoe that they feel belongs to the person who best fits the question. Since they are positioned back to back, they cannot see how their spouse is answering–but their guests can. For example, a question might be, “who is the messiest?” and both the bride and groom will hold up the shoe of the messiest partner. The game generally takes fifteen minutes or less and is lighthearted fun for everyone.

Tips for the Shoe Game

To ensure the game is successful and enjoyed by all, be mindful of the questions asked and the audience present. If there are younger kids at your wedding reception, the questions need to be clean. Designate someone to keep a record of how the questions were answered for a fun present for the couple after the event.

Keep your list of questions limited to 30-40 questions so that it doesn’t drag on and on. Print them up ahead of time in a legible font and include some unique questions that pertain specifically to the couple–for example, asking about a shared passion or hobby.

If you have a wedding party member, who likes public speaking, having them emcee the Shoe Game can be a good option. When someone who knows the couple well is the one asking the questions, they may be able to insert quick asides that are funny, relevant and can add to the activity. At the same time, the Shoe Game works best when the questions are in quick succession, leaving just enough time for the couple to choose their answer and the audience to respond. This pace keeps your guests engaged with the activity. Choose someone who can maintain this delicate balance.

Fun Ideas for Questions

Shoe Game

Here are some general questions involving daily life.

  1. Who is the better kisser?
  2. Who hogs the bed more?
  3. Who has more speeding tickets?
  4. Who is the better driver?
  5. Who has more flatulence?
  6. Who is better at cooking?
  7. Who has the biggest feet?
  8. Who has a bigger butt?
  9. Who has the worst vision?
  10. Who has the worst hearing?
  11. Who has the crazier family?
  12. Who has more pairs of shoes?
  13. Who controls the remote (or the Netflix pick) most of the time?

Here are some questions about the bride and groom’s relationship.

  1. Who said, “I love you” first?
  2. Who says, “I love you” more often now?
  3. Who was the one who first wanted to make the relationship official?
  4. Who has to have the final word during a fight?
  5. Who is the bigger flirt?
  6. Who is smarter?
  7. Who is the first to apologize?

Here are some questions to ask about money and work.

  1. Who likes to spend money more?
  2. Who likes to shop the most?
  3. Who likes to work the most?
  4. Who tips better?
  5. Who saves more money?
  6. Who pays the bills?

Here are some questions about personality.

  1. Who is the clumsy one?
  2. Who is the most talkative?
  3. Who is louder?
  4. Who laughs the best?
  5. Who has the best jokes?
  6. Who is more serious?
  7. Who is more flexible?
  8. Who is more dramatic?
  9. Who is more creative?
  10. Who is more pitiful when they are under the weather?
  11. Who is the best gift-giver?
  12. Who likes to give random gifts for no reason?
  13. Who is the better secret-keeper?
  14. Who is the most spontaneous?
  15. Who has the best hair?
  16. Who is more forgetful?
  17. Who cries during movies?
  18. Who likes to dress nicer?
  19. Who is the most stubborn?
  20. Who is more likely to get lost on a trip?
  21. Who is the most likely to ask for directions?
  22. Who snores the loudest?
  23. Who is the most organized?
  24. Who takes more pictures?
  25. Who spends more time on Facebook?
  26. The gas grill needs assembling. Who does it?

Here are some questions about habits and daily routines.

  1. Who likes to exercise the most?
  2. Who is the healthiest eater?
  3. Who is in the best shape?
  4. Who cleans the house more?
  5. Who does the laundry more?
  6. Who puts away their clothes first?
  7. Who has the cleanest car?
  8. Who enjoys the great outdoors?
  9. Who is on their phone more?
  10. Who is the best singer?
  11. Who is the better dancer?
  12. Who always remembers to brush and floss their teeth?
  13. Who can hold their alcohol the best?
  14. Who spends longer in the shower?
  15. Who gets ready first?
  16. Who is the cleanest in general?


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