Wedding Invitation Guidelines

Wedding Invitation

Invites can be a fun activity that you and your spouse spend time creating together. With today’s online options, many couples are choosing to use predesigned choices and working on their invites in an online fashion. If you didn’t already know, Adagio offers invite services to help you along in your invite creation process. There are exclusive discounts that you can receive by going through Adagio. DJ clients receive benefits such as 100 free invites if you order 125 invites or more! Talk about a steal! Make sure you take advantage of this! For more info on how to do that visit this link:

Now that you know you can get some awesome benefits going through Adagio for your invites, let’s take some time to go over everything you need to know about wedding invites. By that, we mean, we want you to know what your options are for what you could and should include in your wedding invite.

The Wedding Invite

This is probably the most important part of the entire wedding invite. This is the bulk of the invite and the main point of sending the card. The rest of the wedding invites are typically inserts. In this main wedding invite section, you want to make sure you obviously include both you and your spouse’s name. Typically, the brides first and last name are on their first and then the grooms first and the last name. Also, take some time to do some research of a fancy or unique way you can invite your guests. There are many ways to do it but for an example, it might say “Your presence is requested at the union of Jane Smith & John Doe” Then the invite would include a date and time. In some cases, people prefer to write out the time just to make it appear more formal. An example might be “Four O’clock” instead of “4:00 PM” on the card. Also on this card make sure to include the address of the reception.

Directions Insert

This might be a good insert to include on your invites especially if there are specific parking requirements or if directions may be difficult to find. In some cases, people can place a picture of a map on the back of the main invite and some people choose to make a separate insert. As far as how to create a map, often people will either just do a screenshot of a Google Maps picture or Apple Maps picture. In some cases, couples will do a screenshot of a Google satellite image and will use a computer program such as Microsoft Paint to circle or highlight specific things. In other cases, couples have had someone create a custom designed map that matches the theme of their invites. The great thing is that it’s up to you!

RSVP Insert

For most people, this is must to include in their invites. The only way around it would be to create a website where people can RSVP on there. If you do include an RSVP insert be sure to obviously include an area where they can indicate if they can make it or not. A creative way to write this would be to have two checkboxes saying “Can’t Wait” and “Can’t Make It”. That way people can let you know if they can come. It would be good to include a section on this RSVP that says “Guests Names” so that people can have a spot to write who can come and who can’t. Finally, don’t forget to put a date that you want all RSVP’s by.

RSVP Insert or Directions Card (Backside)

This spot on the back of the RSVP or directions card could a great place to put additional information. This additional information could include a section for accommodations where you put information for a hotel room block that you have made. Another thing you could put on the back of these cards could be the stores you want for your registry or a section for song requests. Finally, additional inserts you could include could be a wedding itinerary, food descriptions, and save the date cards or magnets.

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