Weekend Recap | Airborne Chairs, Geysers, and Throwbacks

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had a lot of fun! While most people were grilling and chilling all weekend, we here at Adagio Djay Entertainment were busy with weddings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! While every wedding we do is special and unique, a couple things stuck out this weekend that are worth sharing. We also have a member of the Adagio Djay Entertainment team whose brother became a world record holder over the weekend! All that and so much more in your weekend recap!

Steve and Amy’s Wedding

There are a lot of reasons this wedding was one of my favorites:

  1. The reception was held at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center which is a gorgeous location for a wedding with fantastic food and a really cool fountain right as you walk in.
  2. I DJ’d a close friend of mine’s wedding last summer whose name was Amy Meyer. After the nuptials, her name changed to Amy Ludwig. At this wedding, Steve’s last name is Meyer so Amy’s new name is now Amy Meyer (I thought that was a neat coincidence…..)
  3. I got an assistant! Now I hadn’t scheduled anyone to come with me and help, but a super interested and passionate nephew of Steve’s helped me picked songs and I showed him how to run the lights and cue up music. While typically I’m very particular about where I put certain things and how I go about executing certain things, it was kinda fun to let this passionate 11 year-old play around a little bit! (As long as he didn’t mess anything up =))
  4. I got to experience some new music! Steve and Amy were big fans of the Minneapolis based group Dazy Head Mazy and wanted me to play a few of their songs at the wedding. Typically when people request very specific, hard to find music it can be hit or miss whether or not people will dance to it. Boy howdy did it hit! People were jumping in the air, singing along to the words and having a fantastic time. I enjoyed it so much when I got home, I bought the CD on iTunes. Check it out!

Chris and Haley’s Wedding

DJ Dan had the distinct pleasure of working with one of our favorite Photographers Donae Cotton of Donae Cotton Photography at Chris and Haley’s wedding at the Florian Gardens in Eau Claire. I have the pleasure to work with Donae often as we are on the board for Wish Upon A Wedding Minnesota together and she is one of my all-time favorite people! But beyond being a stellar boardmate, she also takes some fantastic photos! Check out this photo of Haley and Chris. Notice the heart they make with their bodies as they share a kiss? This gets my vote for photo of the year!! Well done Donae!

Weekend Recap

Reuben and Rachel’s Wedding

We had a pile of Sunday Weddings this Memorial Day weekend. I had the pleasure of doing Reuben and Rachel’s wedding at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul. As the couple made their grand entrance into the event hall and made their way to the dance floor for their first dance, the curtains raised revealing a gorgeous view of the Mississippi River as they danced to “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison.

You could tell by watching the two of them on the dance floor and throughout the evening that they were in definitely crazy in love. Reuben’s brother and best man said it best during his toast when he said, “Reuben and Rachel are so perfect for each other they sit next to each other on a food menu…” =)

Weekend Recap


Weekend Recap


This wedding was also a first for me. I have never personally done a wedding where the bride and groom were both Jewish. This meant that I had the distinct pleasure of conducting my very first Hora! In talks with Reuben before the wedding, he made it clear that he wanted a very good Hora, and we may have to play it twice if necessary. When the time came for the Hora, I was both excited and admittedly a little nervous as anyone will be when you are experiencing something for the first time. Everything went off without a hitch and I was blown away watching Reuben and Rachel being lifted into the air on chairs, followed by the Father’s of the Bride and Groom. It was a sight to behold and lasted a solid 11 minutes! Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed! I shot a short video with my cell phone, check it out!


Not only was there a lot of excitement this weekend, there were some songs that made the request list that I hadn’t expected (and to be honest, had almost forgotten about). Some of the songs being thrown into the mix from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that went over like gangbusters and brought me back to those ever-so-exciting high school days! Here are a few of the songs that made the lists:

~Nelly ft. P.Diddy and Murphy Lee – “Shake Ya Tailfeather”
~JLo ft. JaRule – “I’m Real”
~R.Kelly – “Ignition (Remix)”
~Notorious B.I.G. – “Hypnotize”
~Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil Kim, and Missy Elliot – “Lady Marmalade”
~Cam’Ron – “Hey Ma”
~Usher – “Yeah”
~Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre – “No Diggity”
~Enrique Iglasias – “Hero”

Ironically enough I was rocking out to some music from this era inadvertently earlier last week. On a Chipotle/Margarita/Movie date, I noticed a CD in the young lady’s car. She just happened to have picked up Chingy’s “Jackpot” album from from Pawn America for $2 earlier that week and we rocked out to “Right Thurr” and “Holidae Inn” and “One Call Away” on the drive to Southdale to see “Bridesmaids“! It was so awesome, I promised her I’d mention it on the blog! =)

World Record Holder!!

DJ Zach’s brother Tanner Neubauer and his classmates at Princeton High School have brought a world record back to the United States! What record is that you ask? Why the record for most Diet Coke/Mentos Geysers set off at one time! For those who don’t know, when you drop Mentos into a 2 Liter bottle of Diet Coke a chemical reaction occurs causing the Diet Coke to shoot out the top of the bottle. The old record for the most geysers set off at one time was around 2600 set in the Philippines.  Tanner and his classmates set off a little over 3,000 bottles shattering the old record! Click on the picture to see the Kare 11 story on the Geysers. Congrats Princetonites!

Weekend Recap

You’ve officially been recapped! Cheers!

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