What Does it Mean to be a Preferred Vendor?

What Does it Mean to be a Preferred Vendor?

There are so many factors to consider when planning a wedding. Beyond the big things, like choosing the date and curating the guest list, you and your partner have to decide on all the vendors you will use to make your day spectacular. Who will be your photographer? Who will be the caterer? Who will provide music? The list goes on.

Adding to the confusion of looking through a ton of options in each category, you might hear things like “preferred vendor.” You’re probably wondering what that term means. To put it simply, “preferred vendor” is an industry title to describe a partnership between one vendor and another.

Most wedding venues will have preferred vendors for your flowers, DJ, and caterer, to name a few. The title signifies that they trust these specific vendors and know they will do a good job.

At Adagio DJay Entertainment, we know the importance of choosing a Minnesota DJ for your wedding. We are proud to be a preferred vendor for a number of venues in the area.


What Does It Mean to be Preferred?

After you have booked your venue, they may give you a list of their “preferred vendors.” Typically, this list is not exhaustive of the vendors allowed on-site, just the vendors the venue has experience with and highly recommends.

That said, be sure to thoroughly read your venue contract because some DO only allow specific vendors, or impose fees if you use outside vendors. These are typically known as exclusive vendors, and you may only work with those on their list. If you don’t want a headache, be aware of your venue’s vendor policy before you commit.

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A preferred vendor is just that, preferred for use by the venue, who has done many weddings and special events. If you get a list of preferred vendors, you can be reasonably assured that each provides high-quality service In particular, previous clients at your venue had a good experience with them, and they are trusted to maintain excellent standards.

If you hire the DJ your venue prefers, for example, it will save you time because they already know the location, load-in instructions, set-up specifics and other special quirks the venue may have. Plus, you will have fewer questions to ask your wedding DJ when you already have reviews and recommendations from previous clients.

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By choosing a preferred vendor, you are cutting down your chances for potential disasters, or at least headaches. You have probably heard stories of a DJ playing a terrible or inappropriate song list, or a catering staff destroying the kitchen and leaving a huge mess to clean up. By hiring a preferred vendor, you know you are working with a trusted, top-of-the-line company.

Furthermore, if a venue is going to give you a preferred vendor list, they are staking their reputation on the performance of that vendor. So, if you hire the florist from their list and the flowers arrive late, wilted, or not at all, you will associate your venue with the florist they recommended.

Vendors know that bad reviews are dangerous. As a provider of a service, a strong reputation is vital. If bad reviews tarnish your name, your business is damaged. Venues and vendors will not risk their reputation by recommending a vendor they don’t trust. For this reason, most venues carefully vet the vendors they list as preferred partners.

What Qualities Make A Vendor Preferred?

People in the industry have different ideas and perspectives on what they look for in a preferred vendor. Most will tell you they need to be reliable. Of course, they need to show up on time, be ready to go, and have a stellar attitude. But they also need to be willing to go above and beyond when required, to make every occasion and event special.

Most venues will tell you a preferred vendor is someone who is easy to work with on the day of your event. The best vendors have a distinct and enjoyable presence on top of providing high-quality service. Remember, your venue also has to spend the day with these vendors.

A preferred vendor is organized. There will be no last-minute mix-ups or forgetting about dates and times. They are reliable and trustworthy and have proven that day after day, event after event. A preferred vendor can handle their role in your big day professionally and efficiently.

Most likely, a preferred vendor on your venue’s list will align with your price range and style. Your venue understands your budget and preferences because they are probably similar to many of the brides and grooms that come through their doors.

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Why Should I Hire the Preferred Vendor?

Hiring a preferred vendor can save you hours of potential research. If you start with a blank slate, you will have to sift through hundreds of vendors. You will quickly exclude the ones that have bad reviews, are out of your price range, or do not match your style, but you’ll still have a huge number of potential choices.

If you work from a list of preferred vendors, you will start halfway up the mountain, rather than at the base looking up. So much of the legwork has been done for you.

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Of course, you don’t have to hire a preferred vendor, but the list is a great starting point in your search.

Why Adagio DJay Entertainment?

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At Adagio, we are a preferred vendor for many venues in the area. We understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships, and all of our partnerships are essential to us.

Adagio is proud to not only maintain stellar relationships with our preferred vendors but also with our clients. Adagio was voted a Wedding Wire Couples Choice DJ of 2019. Working closely with our preferred vendors allows us to provide the best possible services to our clients and helps us keep couples happy year after year.

Our clients say, “our entire event was flawless, and the DJ went a long way in making our event truly special.” Or “we couldn’t have had a better connection with (our DJ). We clicked right away! She was very professional and went above and beyond for us.” Having satisfied clients is our top priority.

Being a preferred vendor allows us to make our award-winning service even better. When we get to know venues, it is easier to provide excellent service to our clients because we know the location and staff. We can get right down to business making sure your wedding is incredible.

If you are looking for a Minnesota DJ, check out Adagio today. We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs, whatever they may be. We have the best DJs in the industry, and each one will make your night memorable.

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