What Should a Wedding DJ Cost?

If you have recently gotten engaged, there are probably many things on your mind. Questions such as when and where to hold the ceremony or how many people to invite can clutter your thoughts.

Once you figure out the big questions — where, when, who, and how many — you can focus on the other details, such as how much. It’s time to draw up your budget.

At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we focus on creating an incredible wedding reception for you with music and entertainment sure to delight the happy couple and excite guests from the oldest to the youngest. Working within your budget, we will provide an incredible DJ for your event.


Wedding Budget Breakdown

Once you figure out your overall budget, you have to break down how much you will spend on each aspect of your wedding. While you can find recommended breakdowns and ranges for wedding planning, you need to decide what is most important to you.

According to BRIDES, the average wedding is $26,522 for 135 guests. In 2016, BRIDES published an American Wedding Study that broke down the average budget even further. However, your budget is entirely your call. If you are a flower fiend, you can spend more to get the flowers that will make your dream wedding come true.

Venue, Food, and Rentals

A good budget outline allocates a fair amount of your total budget towards the site, catering, and other rentals. In some cases, the venue is the most expensive item, followed closely by food. However, some venues may charge a small fee for the room but may require you to hit a minimum for food and drink.

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Choose a venue that can easily fit all your guests and has a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Your catering bill is more than the delicious food for you and your guests. Catering costs include preparation, equipment, staff for the event, and a few other items.

The cost of your wedding cake also belongs in this section of the budget, so remember that when you are considering how elaborate a cake you want. Most couples spend $417 on a traditional wedding cake, but many couples opt for a simple cupcake tower or even personalized cookies.

Wedding budgets are all about balance. If you want a highly sought-after venue that has a premium cost, you might opt for a more simple cake. Other rentals are also important to remember when budgeting. If you have to rent tables, chairs, glassware, linens, etc., you need to account for this cost.

Wedding Cake


Photography and Videography

Because you are spending such a pretty penny on your wedding, you will want to remember it! An experienced photographer and videographer are vital; the average couple will pay $2,000 on photography $1,500 to $3,500 on videography depending on amount of coverage and desired final product. It is possible those numbers go even higher, depending on where you live, the vendors’ experience, and when you are getting married. on videography. It is possible those numbers go even higher, depending on where you live, the vendors’ experience, and when you are getting married.

Do some research and find a vendor you love. Adagio is happy to offer videography services that hold up to the quality found on the big screen. Find more information on our wedding videography serviced here.

The Look

By the look, we mean attire, hair, and beauty. The average wedding dress cost in 2016 was $1,517 with hair and makeup only adding to that price tag.  There are a variety of price points for you to consider. If you have some time, you can find some excellent deals to keep prices down.



This section includes flowers, lighting, and general decor and this can rack up fast. Flowers and decorations transform a venue and turn it into something extraordinary. 

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As far as lighting, Adagio DJay Entertainment has beautiful mood lighting that will transform your venue, take a peek at their gallery here.


Wedding Planner

If you plan to hire a wedding planner, you may receive a bill for up to $25,000. A less expensive but just as valuable alternative is to have a day of coordinator, this will run about $1,500 or even less if your venue has one as part of your package!

DJ and Reception Music

The age-old question: live band or wedding DJ? Of course, if you have dreamed of a full brass band since you were little, you may be willing to stretch the budget but having a live band can cost up to $30,000. That is more than most people’s entire wedding budget! By comparison, most DJs range from $1400-3500+ depending on experience, timeframe and amount of equipment needed–that is a considerable amount saved!

Unlike a tangible product such as the cake, a wedding DJ is a service. As a result, you generally get what you pay for, and wedding DJ prices can vary dramatically. Because people have such unique tastes in music and expectations for their reception, you should research potential DJs carefully before hiring. Be detailed in your questions and requests when considering a DJ vendor. The more specific you are, the better the DJ can meet your needs.

Wedding Dance

Let Adagio Help Make Your Wedding Memorable

At Adagio, we understand that every couple is different, as is every budget. To serve our clients best, we offer three unique DJ packages. You can choose our standard package, or upgrade to our premium or exclusive packages.

If you opt for a Premium package DJ, you are guaranteed a DJ with many 5-star reviews, as well as hundreds of weddings and events under their belt. The most experienced DJs are our Exclusive DJs, and they have the most experience and therefore the highest wedding cost. You contract a specific DJ for your event.

Whichever package you choose, you can be sure that you are booking an experienced, high-quality DJ that we have screened and trained thoroughly. We understand that different personalities mesh in specific ways, and we work to ensure each DJ and wedding client are a fantastic match.

We are one of the few companies that includes the gratuity in our initial wedding DJ pricing. We care about our DJs and want to ensure they receive the pay they deserve. We also don’t want there to be any surprises, nor do we want to add stress to an already busy day.

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When you contact Adagio, we will carefully consider your budget and can work with a wide range of price points. No matter which package you select, we can match you with one of our DJs to make your reception a fun and unique evening. Our average packages sit around $1,250-$1,450, but some couples opt to spend as much as $5,000 or more. If you like what you hear about Adagio and want to work with us, we want to work with you!

Call Adagio today and see how we can create an exciting atmosphere for your special night.

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