Who’s Walking You Down the Aisle? Breaking Tradition to Personalize Your Special Day

Who’s Walking You Down the Aisle? Breaking Tradition to Personalize Your Special Day

Weddings are a special time to celebrate the love between two people. Friends and family gather together to be a part of the big event. Whether your wedding is by the book or you’re going for a more non-traditional wedding, you put a lot of work into planning and preparing. 

Your big day is an expression of your love for one another and also your style. Choosing the right centerpieces, music, photographer, flowers, and decor allows you to be creative and unique. Your wedding should be tailored precisely to what the two of you want and include the elements you desire. 

Planning your wedding might seem stressful at times, but it doesn’t have to be with a team from Adagio Djay Entertainment. We are here to help you with several areas of your wedding planning. From finding the perfect disc jockey, to dance instruction, to videography, we can ensure your day goes off without a hitch. 

Our DJs have years of experience with guest interaction, the best songs to fit your style, and top of the line equipment. We also offer additional wedding services, such as videography, mood lighting, live musicians, and ceremony sound systems. Let us make planning your big day fun and easy. 

Regardless of the type of wedding you and your fiance want, we are ready to make your day one to remember. Traditional or non-traditional, you can personalize your ceremony in many ways. Take a look at one of the most anticipated moments of any wedding, and think about how you might make it unique. 

bride being escorted down aisle

Here Comes the Bride

The moment all of your guests wait for: walking down the aisle. This moment is one of the most exciting and emotional times of your ceremony. Everyone waits to see the beautiful bride walk down the aisle, usually with her father as an escort. But what if you are looking to break tradition and personalize your wedding? 

Someone other than your father walking you down the aisle is a perfect way to honor another special family member or friend and also give the wedding your personal touch. While time-honored traditions often play a big role in weddings, selecting elements to change to your liking will set your day apart from the rest. You’ll also have an opportunity to make your wedding unique and personal.

Why Break Tradition?

When it comes to walking the bride down the aisle and “giving her away” to her soon-to-be spouse, many people are seeking a more modern approach. Some people feel that this tradition is antiquated. If this is an opinion you share, there are a few different ways to approach this part of the wedding. 

Some brides also may not have a favorable relationship with their father and therefore want another friend or family member to walk them down the aisle. Whatever the reason, there are various ways to personalize your walk down the aisle. 

Change it Up

If you still want your father to walk you down the aisle but aren’t comfortable with the “giving away” part, you can amend or eliminate that portion of the ceremony. Feel free to change the wording of this part of the ceremony to better suit your style and wishes. 

Instead of the officiant asking: “Who gives this woman to this man?”, you can choose alternative wording that asks the father or parents to bless the union. This is your chance to express how you and your family feel about your marriage. 

If you want your father to walk you down the aisle, but want to skip the part about giving you away, you can also simply opt for no comment from the officiant. Your father can walk you down, and then hug you before he sits down. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with the traditional giving away if it’s not something you want. 

Beautiful bride in a white dress holds a wedding bouquet and is going to her groom with bridesmaids and groommen for wedding ceremony. White room is decorated with pine, flowers and blue candles.

That Special Someone

You might feel that you would rather another important person in your life walk you down the aisle. Maybe you don’t have a relationship with your father. Maybe you have a fantastic relationship with your father, but there is someone else you would like as an escort. This person could be a grandparent or special aunt or uncle, or even a sibling or best friend. 

Whatever the reason, if you feel you want someone other than your father to walk you down the aisle, then don’t let tradition stop you. Your wedding is your special day, and how you walk down the aisle should be up to you. 

On Your Own

You might decide that the best way to head down the aisle is without an escort. If you want to show your independent nature, there is no reason why you can’t walk down the aisle alone. In this instance, the officiant won’t need to ask who is giving you away, and instead can begin the ceremony.

It’s Your Day

Throughout all of the planning and prepping for your wedding, it’s essential to remember that it’s your special day. Your wedding should showcase your style and love, and include all of the elements and pieces that you feel are important. You don’t have to follow any guidelines or rules if you don’t want and can personalize your ceremony any way you like.

If you would rather have a non-traditional wedding, then feel free to think outside of the box and stand out. You won’t regret making your special day yours and unique. Your guests will appreciate the personalization and variety, and you’ll be happy you did things your way. 

bride being escorted down aisle

Adagio Djay Entertainment 

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, one that you’ll remember forever. Let Adagio Djay Entertainment handle your ceremony and reception music and much more. With our attention to detail, personalized service, and years of experience, we will make sure everything is just right when it comes to your wedding day. 

Contact us and see how we can help you plan your special day. Our knowledgeable DJs are ready to help you customize your playlist and provide you with an incredible experience. We can also help with other areas of your wedding planning, and help make your day unique.

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