Why Adagio Djay Entertainment?

Adagio Djay Entertainment

With all the other DJ companies out there, you may be wondering why you should pick Adagio. To us, the answer is easy. Our staff. At the end of the day really any DJ can play music. Any DJ can show up and set up gear. What you get when you book with Adagio is literally the best DJs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. You get experience, professionalism, and true entertainment that will make your night unforgettable. Plus, you get all the “behind the scenes” benefits that our in-house staff does to ensure you have a great wedding. Let us enlighten you.

Did you know that when you book with Adagio our staff actually wants to get to know you? Why? You may be wondering. We know that the better we understand your needs and wants the better we can match you with the perfect DJ that fits your personality and your taste in music. Each of our DJ’s go through an extensive training process where they follow a mentor around for several shows until they truly get a grasp on how to be a great DJ. They learn tips, tricks and customer service skills from the best of the best. We hold all our DJ’s to the highest and most professional standards. Not to mention, because we are very selective with who we bring on our team we find DJ’s who stick around for the long haul. In fact, most of our DJ’s have years of wedding experience. With the longevity of employees, you get DJ’s that have been through the ropes and thus, you don’t have to worry about a poor performance at your wedding.

Did you know that there is always on-call and dispatch professionals every weekend ready to be there to support all of the DJ’s? What does this do for you? It gives you insurance. If there were ever an employee or gear related emergency there is someone ready to come in and fix the problem. This is just another behind the scenes benefit you get with Adagio.

Have you ever been concerned about getting a bad DJ or about your DJ playing bad music? To be honest, if you try to book the cheapest DJ for your wedding to save a buck, you might get that. In this world, you’ve learned by now, you get what you pay for. You should look at your DJ as an investment into your wedding. If you think about, outside of you and your spouse, who are the most involved people the day of your wedding? The photographer, yes, and who else? The DJ! They are the one person who literally has control of the most fun part of your entire wedding…the dance! When you hire a professional like on our team at Adagio, you get DJ’s who have experience. With experience comes wisdom and with wisdom, you get someone who knows how to read your crowd. Someone who knows how to correctly and respectfully interact with you and your guests. Someone who knows how to choose the right songs and play them at the right times. At the end of the day, you can see why a good DJ is worth the investment. So, choose quality, choose professionalism, choose Adagio.

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