Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

Entertainment and Video Production in Minneapolis

Couples getting ready to say “I do” to each other need professional entertainment and video production in Minneapolis, MN. So much of the emotion on your big day is shaped by the soundtrack. You should have the best DJs playing a playlist tailored to your preferences as a couple.

We also offer other services, such as several live music ensembles, mood lighting, first dance instruction, and videography. We will assist in making your wedding day magical and unforgettable. Contact us at AdagioDJs.

The Services Provided by Our DJs

Our DJs don’t simply show up at the venue with a standard set of boring “wedding numbers.” We work with you to choose songs unique to you as a couple from our library of over 8000 tracks.

We’ll leave out songs that have bad memories for you and play music suited to different parts of your evening.

We usually play light jazz or classical for dinner or cocktail music, but we can play anything that allows conversation and builds a great mood for your guests. You can specify which songs you want for special dances and customize the playlist and DJ interaction.

Our Live Music Offerings

Would you prefer live music at your wedding instead of a DJ, or in combination with one? We have several classically-trained soloists, string groups, two jazz groups, and the Covers, a respected local cover band.

As Minneapolis, MN, entertainment, and video production experts, we know that there’s nothing like live music for some couples.

What Our Videography Team Does

As a top Minneapolis, MN, entertainment, and video production company, we provide the soundtrack and capture your day. We offer three videography packages to capture the ceremony, toasts, and spontaneous highlights, whatever your budget and preferences are.

Our top-tier package even includes a guaranteed second shooter for maximum coverage.

First Dance Instruction

The first time you dance together as a married couple is a memory to treasure for the rest of your lives. But you may be panicking, fretting that your dancing skills will let your spouse down.

We provide expert, encouraging instructors to teach you the dance you’ve chosen for that first magical moment.

We Provide Mood Lighting

As Minneapolis, MN, entertainment, and video production experts, we understand how to manipulate lighting to create a romantic ambiance. Spotlights and highlights pick out key features and can be modified with bespoke gobos.

Project your custom monogram, create a sophisticated retro look with uplighting, or use shifting, emotion-stirring mood lighting.

How Our Team Works With You and Your Venue

At AdagioDJs, we have worked in many different venues, including some of the most prestigious and demanding, complying with their requirements. Landmark Center has endorsed us, and many local awards in the wedding industry have recognized our work.

Have you yet to settle on a venue? Our experience in entertainment and video production in Minneapolis, MN, allows us to recommend some of the best. Let us contribute to the magic of your special day or event!

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