How to Choose Your First Dance Song

When it comes to weddings, the largely voted Most Sentimental Moment usually goes to the look on the groom’s face the first time he sees his bride walking down the aisle. However, there is another moment that comes in a very, very close second; the first dance.
The song you choose for your first dance says a lot about you as a couple. Also, because music is such a powerful recollection tool, it instantly solidifies the memory of your wedding. Of all the things that go into planning your wedding day, the song you choose for your first dance will definitely be one of the most significant. So how about a few tips?

  1. Work together. This is not something that you or your spouse gets to simply “sign off” on. The flowers? Fine. The cake? Maybe. But the wedding song … absolutely not. Make a list of all the songs that instantly remind you of your spouse, and for what reasons. Is it the words? Is it the song that was playing the first time you kissed? Is it the song they sing in the shower every Monday morning? Have your fiancé do the same, and you should have a decent list of songs.
  2. Think of what mood you want to convey. On your wedding day, think of how you want your friends and family to feel during the first song. Are you going for that, “Aw, they’re so romantic!” vibe, or for more of a, “Man they always have a good time together!” feel. If you both met during a dance class, why not choose a song that allows you two to show off your moves?
  3. Know the lyrics. Even if you think the song is beautiful, know the lyrics. A friend of mine was absolutely in love with the song “Some Devil” by Dave Matthews Band as a wedding song until she found out the lyrics are about one person drinking their life away while grieving the death of another. It’s an absolutely gorgeous song, but she was looking for a happier send-off into marriage. Plus, you need to be aware of any profanity. As beautiful a moment it might seem to you, Grandma may not find it so charming. Make sure you decide beforehand if you want Grandma to be happy or if she can just deal with it.
  4. Search for covers. One of the best ways to make your wedding song your own is to find a fresh cover to a classic song. The song, “Faithfully” by Journey is a classic wedding song, but the original may seem a bit overdone. A new acoustic version done by an unknown artist can make an old song completely unique, and therefore completely memorable for all the right reasons.
  5. Consider a first and last dance song. If you absolutely can’t agree on a song (hey, it could happen!), consider having a “first” dance and a “last” dance. If you want something romantic and your future husband wants something upbeat that he can spin you around the floor to, you get the last straw on the “first” dance song and he gets the final say on the “last” dance song. This should ensure you both get the honeymoon send-off you were hoping for.
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