Choosing Grand March Music with Meaning

Set the tone for your reception from the start, by choosing music that matches the mood and creates meaning for you and your wedding guests. Your selection of music will add to the party’s ambiance, so spend some time thinking about your favorite tunes and slowly build a list that brings back cherished memories, while creating new ones.

During your grand march (bridal party introductions), why not choose a song that reminds your guests of some good times you’ve shared? Like the time you and your school buddies enjoyed a tailgate party before an away game, while Nelly blared in the background. Or the weekend everyone went canoeing, staying up late and singing Blink-182 songs around the campfire. Were you together for a favorite concert? They’ll remember and appreciate a song that touched them personally.

If you are looking to create a high-energy environment, spinning a song like “Get The Party Started” by Pink or “I Gotta a Feelin'” by the Black-Eyed Peas can get your guests in the groove when the bridal party arrives.

Compositions that sound like royalty such as Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” or the Chicago Bulls’ theme song, or the “Imperial Star Wars March” really put the grand feeling in your entrance. They can raise goose bumps — as well as expectations of the party to follow.

Choosing to say it simply, with your song titles, is another alternative and gives your guests that happy feeling of recognition. A popular choice is U2’s “Beautiful Day”. For classy and romantic, use “At Last” by Etta James. More upbeat, but equally sophisticated, Glen Miller’s “In The Mood” appeals to many kinds of music lovers.

There are countless options. Anything goes, but not everything works. If the song holds great meaning for you, it’s appropriate. If you need further direction or suggestions, feel free to give us a call. We love helping our clients carry their event vision through their music choices and are happy to customize.

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